Everybody has the power to act for the general interest. It is this idea that drives our Foundation as an institution and our desire to act, with a clear objective: to carry out concrete and useful actions to build a society in which everyone finds their place.
The competences gathered within our Foundation coupled the relations that we intend to weave with the actors of the associative world as well as the support of the partners testify of the relevance of our mission.


The choice to create the Foundation results from our desire to promote women, to contribute, to the improvement of their living conditions and to the defense of their rights.
Our long-term goal to bring sustainable solutions and experiment new ways of providing support and assistance to the most vulnerable people.


The Foundation will carry out all of the actions related to its goals in a spirit of solidarity, openness and transparency in the service of the general interest.

Our foundation is at the forefront of the fight against social inequalities and the protection of the most deprived.


Faced with the growing difficulties encountered by many women and young girls from modest families, we felt it was important to have a better understanding of their circumstances live in order to provide solutions to improve their living conditions. We work with experts in various fields of general interest to improve our projects in all their dimensions and identify the best ways to achieve our goals. In order to achieve that, we have set a very specific objectives in perfect coherence with the identity of our Foundation:

  • Donations and financial assistance to maternity hospitals in difficulty.
  • Schooling of girls and awareness for the prevention of diseases to which they are exposed.
  • Schooling and empowerment of young girls.
  • Contribution to access to potable water in remote areas.
  • Giving children a better education and healthcare.


Seminars, conferences, debates and evening events will be organized to provide the public with a clear vision of our actions and to share ideas. In addition, the Foundation will continually question its activities and the design of its projects in an effort to learn from them. We wish to improve our field activities and have more flexibility with the way we dispatch our actions. The Foundation gives a particular attention to the monitoring of its projects, the quality of the management and the quality of reporting to donors.

We are present where the need is felt.

  • Schooling
  • Medical material
  • Clothing
  • Access to water


Our main sources of funding are:

  • Our own funds provided by our auxillary activities and the membership fees of the founding members.
  • The funds provided by our donors.

The development of our Foundation requires strengthening relationships with the private sector through operational and / or financial partnerships to help us implement our projects for the benefit of the people.


We thank the partners with whom fruitful exchanges have already been conducted and who are keen to accompany us in our mission. We also salute the associative actors who showed a certain interest for our foundation by putting their expertise at our disposal.

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