The Foundation will carry out all of the actions related to its goals in a spirit of solidarity, openness and transparency in the service of the general interest.

  • Donations and financial assistance to maternity hospitals in difficulty.
  • Emancipation of women through self-employement and education.
  • Schooling and empowerment of young girls.
  • Contribution to access to potable water in remote areas
  • Giving children a better education and healthcare.

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Of course, all the volunteers and donators who will join our cause will see their support valued through our communication supports as part of our future activities with the populations.

Charity, which is of all time, is the divine remedy for all troubles of the mind. Victor Cherbuliez

AEA's mission is to fight against social and economic inequalities, to raise awareness among young girls and to help people in precarious situations.

Our fight is not over. We need your help.

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